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burberry online store|burberry bag online burberry online store,burberry bag online,burberry coat ´╗┐Activists slam plan to curb slum landlords After 18 months of study, an executive committee of city council is expected to vote today on a new auditing regime that, starting Dec. 1, would involve the inspection of 167 of Toronto's most poorly maintained apartment buildings. The city has 6,000 apartment buildings; 80 per cent are more than 40 years old. The proposal also calls for another year of study into additional options, including licensing. Disgruntled tenants were urged during a public forum Saturday at Main Square Community Centre, organized by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), to voice their concerns at today's meeting. "It is disappointing," said Marva Burnett, chair of the Danforth and Eglinton branch of ACORN. "For nearly two years, we've been going to consultations after consultations for stakeholders. And then a report comes back with all of these things we didn't discuss. It's ridiculous." Burnett, a single mother of two, pays $950 a month rent for a twobedroom Scarborough apartment she says has roaches and rats and is badly in need of repairs. "We need landlords to be licensed so we won't have so many disgustingly unsafe, unhealthy apartment buildings," said Burnett. ACORN wants a program to have landlords licensed in a similar way to Toronto restaurants, with signs verifying buildings are okay. "There definitely is a need to make landlords maintain their buildings and ensure that their tenants have a right to decent places to live," said Ward 31 councillor Janet Davis, who spoke at the ACORN forum. "This is an interim step. The next step is to come back with solid recommendations on a regulatory regime to ensure that landlords actually make their buildings better. Licensing is one regulatory system that could work in Toronto. There are others. And we need to look at them all to make sure that we do it right." Welcome to visit our burberry outlet official website, we are official burberry outlet online stores online, fast shipping, best quality! Burberry outlet stores online for youburberry coat.