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burberry scarfs|burberry factory outlet online burberry scarfs,burberry factory outlet online,burberry outlet online ´╗┐Activities of Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation since 1996 Bangladesh is a being a poor country here illiteracy is considered as a curse of getting development. So education is necessary for human and social development and it is a basic human right. Unfortunately, the people of our country are still suffering from the curse of illiteracy. Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation believes that as soon as the people of our country will ascend on the educational ladder, economic and political stability will be restored and; as a consequence, a just society will be established. Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation upholds emphasis on Basic Education (BE) comprising functional education, literacy, post literacy/continuous education, livelihood development, life skill development, adult education, early childhood education, human resource development and so on for keeping its target groups (disadvantaged and poorest people especially women and children) on the right track towards sustainable future. So it stared its function to spread the light of education among the illiterate people. Internalizing the fact, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation started its Education Program back in 1996 through providing needbased education to the community people catering to them. Our education programs/projects/courses are designed to provide literacy and numeric along with general knowledge, skills and values to the target groups through constructive and basic education. The activities under Education Program includes about 20 general social issues, such as nutrition, environment, pollution issues, basic business management, child care, prevention of communicable common diseases, health and hygienic, balance diet, family planning, HIV/AIDS/STDs prevention, personal health care, leadership development etc. It contains Community Demand Driven (CDD) and problem solving holistic approach. The BE classes have proved to be an excellent forum for group information and motivation. Since 1996 under education program, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation has been conducting and organizing institutional development program making the disadvantaged people organized through group formation that they can be able to achieve necessary life skills and develop leadership within effective and comprehensive interaction. For example, through its three adult education centers in urban areas of Dhaka City, about three hundred illiterate beneficiaries are getting the opportunities to take complete livelihood development oriented education in every shift. Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation offered an opportunity for education to the adolescent girls from the poor and landless families within the program intervention areas who either have never been enrolled in a formal school or have been dropped out due to extreme poverty as well. Recently, Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation launched its primary education program called Basic Education for Working Adolescents and Street Children (BEWASC) to provide access to the working children with basic rights to primary education, especially who do not have the family support or whose families are dysfunctional. Through this program, we are helping people to change their negative attitude to the disable people, especially the children. With a view that they are not burden to our society, we are sponsoring some disable children to go to school to continue their education to earn their worth to the society. The organization distributed wheelchair, schoolbags, instrument boxes, pencils and notebooks, color pencils and brushes; rubbers etc. They are deprived of education, human rights, family and legal security. They are neglected and sometimes ostracized, despite being productive members of society with great future potential. During adolescence girls become a social burden of their parents even while they accomplish many manual responsibilities in poor families. To add some additional earnings for the family, adolescent girls work as maidservants where they are poorly paid and bitterly treated. After their marriage, the adolescents bad and unlivable life fraught with torture, desertion and divorce. Due to dowry system and having no literacy and knowledge of legal rights, the yield to the cruelties of their husband's family in the most cases. Thus their wedlock becomes a dead lock by napping their lives in the bud. Being fully aware of the problems. Rainbow has been implementing the initiative since 1996 for the well being of poor adolescent girls through launching a adolescents advancement program of adolescent girls training's where life based education is a vital component. The purpose of this training is to make the adolescent girls aware of social exploitation, reproductive health, gender awareness, STDs/STI, HIV/AIDS, legal rights, concepts of family development, hygienic sanitation, arsenic pollution, clean water, leadership development, health, nutrition, mother care before and after pregnancy, family planning, concept of marriage, early marriage and its demerits, importance of marriage registration, divorce and ways and means to check divorce, the persecution of women and law against it, child abuse, concept of family court. Role of adolescent girls in the family their participation in development activities. At the community level, efforts of bring about more equitable gender relatives are even more common. Even so, women leaving in areas of evil conflict are at particularly high risk of violence, unintended pregnancy and STIs. The lack of reproductive health awareness and low acceptances of condom use, CSWs represent a highly vulnerable group in Bangladesh. The sharp rise in sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Bangladesh contributes the spread of HIV/AIDS and may lead to a largescale epidemic as the heterosexual mode of transmission accounts for an increasing percentage of HIV/AIDS transmission. Reproductive health program is being conducted since 1996For awareness building, a total of 4 animated films were showed and 1 audio song was played at the community level with the participation of a huge number of community people. Moreover, several rallies, campaigns on health related issues were held and National Immunization Days (NID) was also observed by Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation through organizing rallies along with mike announcing and banner display with the participation of mothers and children of the target areas. Apart from these, we regularly organize yard meetings, which emphasizes on the target people to be more aware about the mothers' health and nutrition. Exclusive sale online store: Save on your favorite designer Burberry wallets. Burberry is of the latest style from Burberry sale.High- quality Burberry outlet to youburberry outlet online.