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burberry scarf outlet|burberry handbags burberry scarf outlet,burberry handbags,burberry factory outlet 4m behind savings goal THE revelation that Peterborough cashstrapped hospital trust could miss its savings target by a massive million has prompted a call for board members to consider their positions. A meeting of the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Board of Directors yesterday (Tuesday) heard that by the end of March the trust will have a deficit of 34.3 million. This is despite the board projecting just three months ago that its savings programme should enable the trust, which runs the 289 million Peterborough City Hospital, to reduce the deficit to just 20.9 million come the end of the current financial year. The figure prompted Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson to call on board members to consider their position at the trust, while adding that the continued failure to reduce the deficit could see foundation trust regulator Monitor take over. He said: "I think people are very close to losing confidence in the management and the board of the trust. "They are very close to a situation where Monitor invokes its legal powers to intervene. "I certainly feel that they have not taken the appropriate action that they could have done. I am losing confidence in their ability to set this situation right. "We are not far off the whole board needing to consider their position. "We have been in this situation for a whole year and we have seen a lackadaisical approach to management of both resources and assets. "I think it might be time for someone else to take a fresh look at the running of the hospital." Chris Preston, finance director at the trust, laid much of the blame for the added deficit at NHS Peterborough's door, saying it has a "historic" debt. However, not all the problems have stemmed from NHS Peterborough, with the trust's own savings programme, called Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP), expected to save just 7.1 million, as opposed to the 12 million originally projected. Mr Preston said NHS Peterborough is under increasing financial pressure which is making it hard for it to pay its debts. He said: "We are not getting paid full value for the activity we have taken on." Martin Chilcott, a nonexecutive director at the trust, added: "Not getting paid for activity we are doing is not something I am terribly happy about hearing." The two trusts are now in negotiations over how NHS Peterborough will pay for the treatment it commissions from the hospital. In the report compiled for yesterday's meeting, Mr Preston outlined a series of other setbacks which have caused the trust problems. In March this year it appointed a director of turnaround in a bid to stop it having a deficit of 38 million by the end of this financial year. Last month it overspent by 1.5 million on "nonpay" items like drugs and clinical supplies which was the area of most concern for Mr Preston. And the trust has recently been informed it will not be receiving the 2.5 million it expected from Primary Care Trusts to pay for the move to the new super hospital. Trust chairman Nigel Hards, said: "The numbers do no make happy reading but the presentation and understanding we are receiving as a board is good." Shailesh Vara, MP for North West Cambridgeshire, said: "I'm seeking an urgent meeting with the acting chief executive of the hospital for a thorough explanation of these figures and how they impact on front line services. "I also want to know what urgent measures are being put in place to improve this situation." NHS Peterborough was not available for comment. Trust loses shortterm bank facility PETERBOROUGH and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is facing a cash flow crisis. This meant its contract with Barclays Bank is no longer valid and the trust's working capital facility, which helps with shortterm finances, became unavailable. It is not expected to be available until the trust no longer breaches some of the conditions under which it was set up. A stunning wide range of cheap burberry bags clearance sale, we are official burberry handbags outlet online store, 100% quality guarantee!burberry factory outlet.